The Falkenberg Riddle

Jack Stewart Trilogy: Book Three

Set against the fiery conclusion of the Second World War in Europe, The Falkenberg Riddle is a story of loyalty, courage and treason as men on both sides of the struggle attempt to affect the post war world. 
The Soviet advance on Berlin promises to finally kill or capture the leaders of the Nazi government who can’t escape to the west. But all is not as it seems. One of the key German leaders has worked with the British during the war and discovery of that would affect Britain’s relationship with both the United States and the Soviet Union.
Commander Jack Stewart and his Double 00 organization is tasked with rescuing Martin Bormann from the now encircled German capital. But unknown to them, their newest team member has been singled out for elimination by the Soviet Secret Police.
Two deadly groups now converge on a city in flames, bent on different purposes, neither knowing the true extent of the other’s mission. Played out through the rubble and devastation, the final dramatic scenes only set the stage for the final act of discovering a British traitor.
Only when the final bullet is fired will the Falkenberg riddle be solved.