The Deadly Sky

In the summer of 1943, the fledgling American Eighth Air Force is fighting to stay alive as they battle the experienced fighter pilots of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. Their daylight bombing campaign is proving more accurate than the RAF’s night attack, but the staggering losses are taking a toll on men and aircraft, with few surviving a full combat tour. Major Sean McGowan is one of those lucky ones, who then volunteers to return to active combat as the squadron commander of a hard luck outfit. The Deadly Sky tells the story of a group of men who fight each other and the Germans as the bloody air battle rages over the skies of Europe. 

This life and death conflict is also seen through the eyes of a Luftwaffe wing commander, Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf Steinfeld. After six long years of war, the fighter ace struggles to defend Germany as the war begins to turn against the Nazis. In the fog of war these two men encounter each other, sworn enemies, but both fighting for what they believe is right.