Destiny in the Pacific

Set in the first desperate year of the Pacific War, “Destiny in the Pacific” tells the story of Bryan Michaels, a disgraced Naval Aviator. A promising career in shambles, his time in the Navy drawing to a close, Bryan is given a second chance following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Just as that day changed the course of a nation, it did the same for Bryan. Fueled by anger at the loss of friends and inspired by the words of Chester Nimitz, the young officer takes part in two of the most significant battles in the Pacific, Coral Sea and Midway. 

Expecting to fight his war from the deck of a carrier, fate plays a trick on Bryan and he finds himself taking part in the brutal battles fought off the Solomon Islands between Japanese destroyers and Navy Patrol Boats. While Marines fought to maintain a foothold on Guadalcanal, Bryan molds his misfit PT boat crew into an effective fighting unit. A top secret rescue mission tests the courage and ingenuity of the young American and Bryan comes to the attention of the Supreme Allied Commander, Douglas MacArthur. 

His encounter with the legendary General results in Bryan’s assignment to the Allied Intelligence Bureau and Unit 331. This elite commando unit is assigned a near suicidal mission deep into Japanese held territory. Michaels learns about loyalty and courage as they struggle to survive and triumph against a cruel and calculating enemy. 

A young man on the road to nowhere, Bryan finds his destiny in the vast Pacific.